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Beauty of common space

Komserwis as a producer of street furniture has made the city spaces in Poland and abroad simply beautiful for the past 20 years. How did the company achieve this? Discover our secret.

No matter if you design, build, renovate or arrange - in the Komserwis offer you are going to find products and solutions of street furniture, which will ideally complement your investment.

The company’s mission is the construction of elegant common spaces in cooperation with the customers. This keynote is accompanying us at each stage of project fulfilment. The creation of a beautiful space always begins in the design department, where the unique form of our street furniture comes into existence. It distinguishes us - an opinion of customers and market experts alike!

DESIGN - beautiful space with the Komserwis street furniture

  • Choose stylish and functional street furniture - original Komserwis products are not only about excellent design. Our street furniture suits the needs of both investors and the final users e.g. the population of cities. Hence, they are functional and beautiful.
  • Put your trust in street furniture presented as part of coherent collections - it will enable you to better adapt the furniture to a particular space, at the same time keeping the unique character of a location. Moreover, you can easily expand your investment to fit the changing customer requirements in the future.
  • Take care of each detail - actually let the Komserwis experts do it for you. A harmonic cooperation between the design department and the pattern room enables us to deliver only highly perfected products.

DURABILITY - beautiful space for years to come

  • Time is your ally - the technologies introduced in the production of Komserwis street furniture guarantee a long time of service, without the need of costly repairs. A real saving of time and the company’s or municipal budget.
  • You purchase the highest quality - we use the best available resources in the market, maintaining an attractive price and high prestige of investment.
  • Safety is an essential part of the package - 20 years of experience in the market of street furniture and hundreds of finished projects are the guarantee of a good choice. Trust Komserwis and gain certainty of a stable investment.

INNOVATION - beautiful space for development and improvement

  • We learn from you - our company constantly invests in the development of human resources, production processes and new technologies. We ensure, our clients receive access to the latest achievements of the whole market segment.
  • Share your opinion with us - each suggestion or remark about our products or services remains important to us. It helps us develop Komserwis and we can build the beauty of common spaces together.
  • Your individual project is our challenge - thanks to a professional design department, we are able to manufacture elements of street furniture with an individual design of our customers. Check us.

Select Komserwis - a stable partner with huge experience. Call us today and find out, what we can do for you.