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Good Design 2012

The Intal collection designed by Aneta Bolisęga has been recommended for the XIX edition of the Good Design competition organised by the Institute of Industrial Design.

Nominations for the competition are awarded to the best designs of products and services. It is the only competition in Poland, where quality and level of design are professionally evaluated by experts. The products from our company have successfully passed the assessment of design solutions and have been included amongst the most qualitative products for home, work, public spaces and services, which are available in the Polish market. The Intal collection of street furniture has competed in the category of "public spaces”.

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Good Design 2011

As a result of closely monitoring the Polish market in 2010 by the Institute of Industrial Design, the Vega bench designed by Aneta Bolisęga has been qualified for the Good Design 2011 competition, where the best designs of products and services from the Polish market are honoured.

In the design evaluation we can read: "Special attention needs to be devoted to the bases manufactured in an innovative technology. Vertical furrows, which are the formal consequence of spaces between the boards of the seat, become a characteristic variation of the product body. At the same time geometric simplicity is preserved and the furrows increase the stylistic cohesion of the entire bench. A good solution is also the black painting of concrete bases, which increases the level of aesthetics."

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Good Design 2010

Experts from the Institute of Industrial Design have recommended the Lyon bench for the Good Design 2010 competition. The construction of the bench has been designed by Aneta Bolisęga from Komserwis.

In the justification of the recommendation we can read: "An excellent example of modern expression in street furniture. Original form and perfected details. An interesting design solution of the supports shaped from a bended surface of metal sheet (…)".

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Product of the Year 2010

The Vega bench designed by Aneta Bolisęga, has been awarded Jury honours in the category: Landscape Architecture - Benches in the Nationwide Competition for the Product of the Year 2010 Parks, Gardens, Squares organised by the Internet portal

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Competition public transport stop for Warsaw

The Komserwis project led by our architect Aneta Bolisęga has been honoured in the competition "Public Transport Stops - Competition in industrial design". The competition was organised by the capital city of Warsaw and conducted by the Bureau of Chief City Architect for Warsaw.

The aim of the competition is to find the best ideas for a unique form of a public transport stop in Warsaw. The construction should be prepared both for commercial and residential locations, while the form and aesthetic solutions must be adapted to the specific character of Warsaw. There have been 360 applications for the competition from companies, architectural teams and design offices. From all of the applications only 27 have been qualified for the next stage. Finally the jury has chosen the five best projects, including the Komserwis design from Aneta Bolisęga.

Lyon bench as Product of the Year 2009!

The Lyon bench created by Aneta Bolisęga has been awarded the title of Product of the Year 2009 in the competition organised by the popular Internet portal

It is a huge honour for us. This positive product rating was largely influenced by the guests of the portal, which include expert designers, buyers and users of street furniture.

We have a long tradition of designing commodities of highest quality standards, which entirely fulfil the requirements of our Partners and Contractors. The Lyon bench is an excellent example. It is a modern and elegant product manufactured from highest quality materials - perfected in every detail. The dynamic shape finely fits modern spaces... but not only.

Thank you sincerely for the confidence you put in the company Komserwis and our products.

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