Manufacturer of street furniture


How can I learn more about Komserwis products?
There are three ways. We introduce to you our new Internet website, where you can find product descriptions of Komserwis street furniture, photographs and specifications. In the "Folders" tab you can download the current catalogues of products. If you are in a tight project timetable, contact our sales department today and directly ask for an offer of street furniture from Komserwis.


How can I receive a cost estimate for selected products of Komserwis street furniture?
In order to receive a cost estimate for selected products, communicate your offer request through email or simply call us. Our experts from the sales department will prepare an individual offer, adapted to your needs and requirements.


What information is going to be included in the trade offer?
After careful analysis of your requirements, a specialist from the Komserwis sales department is going to prepare an offer including the following information: unit prices of the products, cost of transport, time of delivery, guarantee conditions, payment methods and additional conditions. Attention! Each sent offer is valid for a period of one month.


Does Komserwis guarantee a transport and unloading service of the products?
We guarantee a transport service for each order. Unloading is an option - it is a separate topic, which is negotiated with the customer during the determining of delivery conditions. Our company informs the customer of elements, which he has to ensure, in order for the unloading to be possible (e.g. a forklift). In case of any questions concerning the transport and unloading, please contact our customer sales department.


Does Komserwis offer installation of the ordered products?
The installation of our products is incredibly easy and can be conducted independently, with the help of information included in the delivered product documentation. That way the cost of an implementation is much lower.


I am not sure which products will fit my investment. Can I receive expert advice from Komserwis?
For the past 20 years the Komserwis experts advise investors on the selection of street furniture for specific spaces. Contact our sales department, in order to receive expert advice backed by rich experience in this market segment. We encourage you to follow the Komserwis blog, where expert advice and useful hints are constantly published.


How can I receive up to date information about special offers and changes in the Komserwis offer?
The easiest way is a membership in the Komserwis newsletter. For our subscribers we have prepared special offers, product sets, as well as interesting information and advice about architecture and design. Subscribe our newsletter today. You can also contact our sales department to receive fresh information about product lines and special offers.


Can I receive a discount when placing the first order?
Each Komserwis customer, like we caring for "the beauty of common space", is entitled to attractive discounts. Don’t hesitate, send your product inquiry today and you will be granted a special offer option with a welcome discount.


How do you guarantee the time of delivery and what factors influence it?
The time of delivery depends on the type of order and is calculated from the date our company receives the advance payment. All elements of an order are manufactured in one location - from the design until the final product is ready to be delivered. It allows us, to offer very attractive times of delivery.


I didn’t find products which I am interested in. Is it possible to design elements of street furniture as part of an individual order?
If you haven’t found among our products, what you are looking for, contact the Komserwis customer sales department and ask for a chance to implement an individual project. You are going to receive detailed information about our offer. Our experts will tell you, which solutions to use in your planned investment. Call us immediately!


What warranty am I going to be granted for the ordered products?
The warranty conditions depend on the type of ordered products. For example steel, cast iron and concrete elements have a warranty time of 24 months since the date of purchase. To receive detailed information about your offer inquiry, contact the Komserwis sales department.