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Litter bins - street furniture

Beautiful common space is most of all a clean space! The Komserwis city litter bins are aesthetic elements of street furniture, which enable an efficient service and promote a clean environment.

  • Wood and concrete? Perhaps an elegant type of steel? You are unable to pick one material? Look through our products, like for example the steel litter bins Boston or the concrete litter bin Agora, which will ensure you many options to choose from.
  • Modern Komserwis street litter bins will satisfy both people preferring an ambitious design (e.g. park litter bins Intal and Vega) and customers who value durability and functionality (e.g. litter bins Brno, Haga).
  • We offer post mounted steel dustbins with a roof or without it. Our company helps with the selection of a right litter bin for any planned investment. Our consultants await your call. Contact us now!

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